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Hair Treatment In Bandra West, Mumbai

As they say, make every hair flip count.With Blanco Aesthetics’ advance hair care technology we tackle hair fall issues, hair loss issues anti dandruff treatments in the best interest of our clients Scalp related concerns like itchy/oily/sensitive scalp, scalp acne, seborrheic dermatitis are also dealt with. An expert team of doctors take in hair transplant cases with proper counselling and procedures to make sure our client is well aware and rest assured of the treatment.

Hair Botox

Botox for hair restoration is a cosmetic treatment that is designed to enhance the strength and appearance of hair. BOTOX injections into the scalp have been proven to relax the scalp muscles, enhance blood flow and increase the delivery of nutrients to the hair thus increasing hair density.


Mesotherapy is one the latest technique used for increasing hair volume and Density. Instant results are observed without surgical intervention. It stimulates blood circulation, infuses vitamins and nutrients, thus being one of the best way to arrest hair fall.

PRP Treatment

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy for hair loss treatment is a three-step medical procedure in which the patient’s blood is processed and diffused into the scalp. PRP procedures trigger natural hair growth and increase the blood supply to the hair follicle thus increasing the thickness of the hair shaft.


GFC is a Growth Factor Concentrate, a pure, highly safe, highly concentrated growth factor preparation engineered from your own blood for superior results. Also used in patients with extreme hair fall/ loss.

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